Tiber River

It was a nice weekend in Rome. On Saturday (Jan 16) I spent much of the day walking with two friends since it was sunny and warm. We walked up the hills near our neighborhood Trastevere, with fantastic views of the city, en route to the Vatican. Piazza San Pietro (Saint Peter’s) was busy with people, but due to the immensity of the space, it was not crowded. To go inside, the line for security took a mere ten minutes or so. Entering the basilica I was immediately taken aback by the enormity of the space. Directly inside to the right was Michelangelo’s Pietá statue. Walking further in to the crossing, you experience the fullness of the space that is incredible. It is uplifting and inspiring. I took few photos, fully realizing they would turn out well, but I sketched a small part at the crossing. I want to return and sketch more inside and out in the piazza.

Today, Sunday, I went to church again with Jamin, and enjoyed coffee and greetings afterwords. On the way back we crossed the river and walked back through Trastevere. Today was somewhat gloomy outside, not like the nice weather Saturday, so I spent the rest of the day at the apartment doing some reading for class and part of a sketching assignment, as did most of my apartment fellows.

The Pope was at the synagogue right across the river near our studio today for an historic visit. I did not make it over to see any of the spectacle, but I heard from a friend streets were blocked off and access was restricted with a block or so perimeter with strict security. The are had been buzzing with activity since the middle of last week getting ready for the special visit.

New photos from Saturday here.