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CR Open House, meetings this week

The City of Cedar Rapids held the first of three public open houses today at the Crowne Plaza, presenting information on future of city facilities and parks and recreation resources. I attended today’s open house and submitted my feedback. Comment cards with specific questions were provided to help guide the decision making on flooded city buildings. Three options have been presented: 1. to return to flood-affected buildings restored to their pre-flood conditions, 2. to return to flood-affected buildings with improvements and/or expansion, or 3. relocate functions to a new facility or facilities possibly shared with the county or school district.

I believe a combination of options two and three are most appropriate. Since the county has already decided to return to it’s pre-flood administration building, it doesn’t seem to make sense to still attempt a co-location for administration. I believe it’d be best to return City Hall to Veterans Memorial Building, which I have argued previously. However, some city buildings obviously need to be replaced and would actually serve the community better in a new facility.

For those unable to attend the open house today, the city will be setting up a website so citizens can submit feedback online. The next open house will be August 18, and the preferred options will be presented at the final open house on October 6.

Also, the City of Marion held a public meeting today for citizen input regarding a new comprehensive development plan underway.

Additionally the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization will hold an open house this week to present their funding decision for metro area transportation projects in 2013. This will be held Friday, June 26, at the Hiawatha Community Center from 5:30 – 7pm.

Also… see update to “Planning for Better Transit” post below regarding CR Transit system analysis.

> Corridor Recovery: Cedar Rapids Open House

Neighborhood Reinvestment Action Plans published

The Cedar Rapids Neighborhood Reinvestment Action Plans have been published on the Corridor Recovery website. This plan was developed by Sasaki Associates with a great deal of community input through the Neighborhood Planning Process during the first few months of 2009. It was approved by the City Council on May 13, to guide short and long term redevelopment in flood-affected neighborhoods. The final action plan includes a specific set of tasks to be completed that will compliment comprehensive goals.

> Neighborhood Reinvestment Action Plans


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