Cedar Rapids’ First Green Roof

KCCK’s Clean Up Your Act interviews landscape architect Ruth Fox about Cedar Rapids’ first green roof recently installed atop the Water Tower Place condominiums in downtown. The green roof is estimated to mitigate 80 percent of storm water runoff from the building and is hoped to spur other green roofs in the city. Several new and renewed civic buildings due to the flood are either planning or considering to incorporate green roofs, including the new public library, and potentially the new federal courthouse and Veterans Memorial Building (City Hall). Ruth points out that its important to cover a substantial area of a building’s roof to produce significant environmental benefit.

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IC Jazz Festival

The 18th annual Iowa City Jazz Festival was held this past Independence Day weekend in downtown Iowa City on the Pentacrest, the heart of the University of Iowa campus. This is one event I look forward to each summer – great music, great food, a great community of people. Cedar Rapids jazz radio station KCCK did a live broadcast of performances from the three day festival, simulcasted on Iowa Public Radio and Omaha Public Radio.

My father George works at KCCK so I have been attending the festival on and off for many years.  Also in recent years my brother Daniel (of The Soundhole recording studio) has been doing production work for the broadcast.  So between both of them I’ve gotten an interesting back stage look into the festival.  But, honestly what I look forward to most is not the music or the vendors, but the gathering of people and the collective delight of community.

Check out all my photos on Flickr from the Iowa City Jazz Festival.


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