CR unveils federal wish list

Like cities across the country, Cedar Rapids has made a wish list of projects vying for federal funds through President-elect Obama’s proposed national economic stimulus package. Top funding requests include: $17 million to repair the flood damaged public library or $21 million for a new facility, $35 million for a new bridge over the Cedar River between C Street SW and Otis Road SE, and $155 million for the long planned extension of Highway 100 (Collins Road) around the western edge of town to Highway 30. According to the January 8, Gazette report, the city is requesting money for a variety of other projects including local road improvements, wells, sewers, and buses, among others.

> Gazette: Libray, new bridge on C.R.’s federal wish list

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  1. It’ll be intriguing to watch this all play out and see which projects get chosen around the country. In general, I am highly in favor of the Obama”new New Deal,” I just hope it can be executed well and without a lot of wasteful projects.

    Interesting that the CR list doesn’t include anything transit-related, considering that infrastructure suffered so much damage during the flood, too.

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