Happy New Year. Urban Thinking went online in January 2007, and I’ve been blogging for three years now. 2009 saw around 3000 visitors and 72 posts, a 160% increase from 2008. The graph below shows posts by month for the past three years. Posting is typically higher in the summer and goes down during the school year. Somewhat inevitably the 2008 flood has driven a heavy focus on Cedar Rapids. An increase in CR posts since the flood has paralleled my own increase in civic involvement. Specific topics I have blogged about often include the Veterans Memorial Building / City Hall (which I worked at for three summers including the flood), various planning meetings and open houses, and of course CR Transit. Listed below are my top five posts from 2009, that I feel were the most substantial and garnered the most response.

1. Figure Ground Development Patterns   06.30.09
2. The Flood – One Year Ago   06.11.09
3. Mays Island no longer suitable for City Hall   07.26.09
4. Better Transit for Cedar Rapids   10.23.09
5. Why CR Transit Needs System Overhaul   07.12.09