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Finals are over at Iowa State University and Christmas break has begun. I stayed in Ames until Monday to work at CyRide. Very few passengers on my bus this weekend as half the population of Ames has left. The city feels very empty and lonely right now – partially because it lacks a singular city center / “downtown”. I decided to start writing about my interpretation of place and mapping of Ames, but did not quite finish in time, so that post will be coming soon…

This week I will be traveling to Denver to visit family for Christmas as well as attend AIAS FORUM convention over the New Years week. I plan to visit a few architecture / urban design firms while I’m there. It should be an enjoyable time… will post updates as it goes.

When I return to Cedar Rapids next week, look for an update on Cedar Rapids Tranist (“new” buses), a downtown flood recovery post, and the current status of the Veterans Memorial Building (City Hall) where I worked this summer.

Also… learned tonight the GAP will be closing at Lindale Mall in January. A store worker told us it was the decision of mall management, not GAP. He told us Barnes and Noble (currently located in Northland Square shopping center adjacent to the mall) will be moving in to this area of the mall. Certainly an interesting development… B&N should be a big draw for the mall but at the expense of one of it’s top stores. Another question is what will go in the old B&N space at Northland? Will be fun to watch and see…

Have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hrm… that whole B&N moving into the mall thing seems weird to me, I wonder why they’re doing that. It seems like it’ll be a much smaller space, and B&N already seems to pretty well take up it’s current store.

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