CR buses getting bike racks

According to the city’s Status & Information Report for the week of May 19, Cedar Rapids Transit plans to add bike racks to the front of 21 buses. They will be installed on all 16 of the Thomas SLF low floor buses and five of the 1990 RTS buses. The racks that hold two bikes each are to be standard on all new bus purchases in the future.


  1. They’ve had these racks on Quad Cities buses for a while, and they’re nice. I ride the bus when I can. I live in Davenport, but work in Moline. I used to be able to take the bus from my house and be at work in 30 minutes. Now the routes are screwed up due to the relocation of a hub. I may have to bike or drive about 2 miles to the GTC, and then ride the rest. Not great, but better than nothing.

  2. They have these in Seattle and people use them all the time. They look complicated and scary to use, but I’m sure they’re easy once you use them a few times.

    I see quite a few people out east, where the bus routes are less dense, who bike out of Bellevue or Redmond to a bus stop and take the bus right into downtown. I’m sure it makes their lives a lot easier, not having to bike across bridges with highway traffic.

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