Lucy House Excerpt

Lucy House

Today I discovered an excerpt of an “11×17” precedent study I made back in second year studio (Arch 201, Fall 2007) about the Rural Studio’s Lucy House used on Judit Bellostes’ blog. A few sketch diagrams of mine are used to describe the Lucy House in a post about Marjetica Potrč’s 2007 installation at Gallerie Nordenhake in Berlin, which was a recreation of the home’s tornado shelter (“tower of power”).

> Judit Bellostes : Lucy House – Tornado Shelter (translated from Spanish)
> Lucy House precedent study, by Brady Dorman

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  1. WOW—that was a neat surprise coming across that, huh! So how does copy right stuff with all this work these days? You and your work really are out there socially via blogging and other communication tools! Way to go Brady!

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