While at the Downtown Farmers Market this morning a friend and I stopped by the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art to see Grant Wood’s original full scale drawing of his design for the 24 by 20 foot stained glass window at the Veterans Memorial Building. The window was just reinstalled at the beginning of the summer after being repaired and restored following the flood. Also on current display in the museum were several artifacts from the National Czech and Slovak Museum. The Museum of Art is a fine facility with an impressive collection. Admission is free this summer for all visitors with support from Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust and United Fire Group.

We then walked down along the river to Czech Village to see the new flood exhibit at the Czech Museum‘s temporary space in the Kosek Building at 87 Sixteenth Ave SW. The small, but thorough exhibit features a brief history on the Czech and Slovak immigration to Cedar Rapids, the neighborhoods they formed here, and an extensive display about the flood. Like most things in the city’s history, the Sinclair meatpacking plant played a major role, first attracting Czech and Slovak immigrants to Cedar Rapids for work.

The Czech Museum draws visitors from around the country and world – there was a family visiting from Czech Republic while we were there. The museum is really worth a visit – the exhibit is engaging and the temporary space looks very attractive. And while in the neighborhood, stop by Sykora Bakery for a delicious kolache – they come fresh and with friendly service.