My semester in Rome concluded on April 30. Before returning to the States I spent a little over a week in Germany and two days in London. I had a Deutsche Bahn six day rail pass so traveled to several places in Germany including Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Kandel, Karlsruhe, Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Zugspitze mountain peak), Berlin, and Dessau (Bauhaus). It was a lot to take in, but my week was fairly relaxed and most of my time was spent simply walking around and exploring different places. It was very interesting to see the contrast between cities and towns in Germany compared to Italy, and of course the U.S. Most places I saw in Germany were extraordinarily clean, orderly and organized. Given my family’s mostly German heritage I really enjoyed visiting Germany and felt pretty comfortable with the little bit of German I retain from high school and was able to fit in pretty well.

To present my travel experience most effectively I’ll break up my posts by city, rather than a strict chronology or conventional “travel blog.” That said, I list below a brief summary of my journey schedule, mostly for my own documentation. See all my photos from Germany and London on Flickr.

30 Apr        Flight from Rome to Frankfurt Hahn –> bus to Frankfurt –> train to Stuttgart
 1  May        Train to Kandel, day exploring
 2  May        Train to Munich via stop in Karlsruhe
 3  May        Day in Munich
 4  May        Train to Garmisch-Parenkirchen –> Zugspitze (highest peak in Germany)
 5  May        Day in Munich, Deutsches Museum
 6  May        Train to Berlin
 7  May        Day in Berlin
 8  May        Train to Dessau (Bauhaus)
 9  May        Flight from Berlin to London Stansted, day exploring
10 May        Day in London, London Transport Museum
11 May        Flight from LHR –> DTW –> CID (home)