CR Transit Goes Green

CR Transit maintains its presence at Lot 44 at 12th Ave SE and 2nd Street SE, for transfers and now dispatch. Trailers have been set up to provide an indoor waiting area with vending, public restrooms, and office for dispatchers.

Eight used 1992 TMC RTS buses were acquired in December and put in to service earlier this year – replacing buses lost in the flood. These buses debut the new green livery design and CR Transit branding. Older buses have not changed except the “CR Transit” lettering has been added to some of the newer Thomas Dennis SLF’s (but not all of them…?).

A few of the new RTS’s had bike racks installed, which was a previous plan to add bike racks to most of the bus fleet.

Four brand new 35 foot Gillig Lowfloor buses are due to arrive in April, an order unrelated to the floods. Additionally, CR Transit will be getting four new large buses and one medium duty bus with funding from the economic stimulus package.

See all new photos on Flickr.

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  1. Did I see one of these green buses over spring break? I liked it a lot more than the old color scheme, but as long as they’re identifiable, I suppose that’s the most important thing. It remains to be seen if bus transit will catch on in CR. Maybe some advertisements in these green and tight times could convince people that buses are reliable enough and plentiful enough to rely on to get to work or go to the bank without much hassle.

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