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We returned to Ames on Monday from five days in NYC for studio. I will write more in detail about the trip, probably sometime in the coming weeks. Pretty busy right now with getting a class site model built for the studio project, other classes, and of course the great internship hunt with Career Days coming up. Anyway, highlights from the trip include a visit to New Haven / Yale, NYC Transit Museum, and brief stops in various parts of Manhattan. Five days certainly is not enough to do or so even half of what’s on your list. Photos are up on Flickr, to be captioned, tagged eventually.

> Flickr: NYC Field Trip


  1. Great photos. Looking forward to hearing any insights you gleaned visiting these cities.

    I’m surprised that triangular area is as popular as it seems to be. I would have thought folks would feel a bit overwhelmed by all the traffic going by around them, but maybe New Yorkers have a higher tolerance for that.

    That’s on Broadway somewhere, right?

  2. Brady Dorman

    February 22, 2009 at 1:46 am

    that’s actually at 9th Ave and West 14th Street – taken from 3rd floor of the Apple Store there. About a block away was a new pedestrian public space in excess roadway that I saw on before.

    I’m busy with the oncoming studio project – mixed housing / retail project in Soho – and internship prep this week with career fair coming up. So maybe by spring break I’ll get some details written up about the trip : ) Certainly lots to tell.

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