I am currently in Iowa State’s Design Core program, which all first-year design students must take as a prerequisite for their respective programs. I have had some frustration with the studio projects having little to do with architecture or space, and being more so just art projects. I realize I just have to get through it and stop complaining, but I’ve come to a conclusion regarding environmental design verses art. Contrary to the College of Design’s suggestion that all design is fundamentally the same, all types of design are not equal.

Art is certainly important, but it is simply an expression or a statement. Environmental design (architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, CRP, etc), on the other hand, is more than just an expression, but also a critical function of our daily lives. Furthermore it is more permanent that art and it’s responsible to the common good of everyone, not just the artist. This is why I have frustration with the combined first year courses at ISU. It gives me little opportunity to implement fundamental design principles in the kind of design I’m passionate about and better able to excel in. Environmental design and the people it serves is what I care about. I am out for much more than just a statement.