Month: May 2011

On the Table

It is interesting how passionate ideas and ambitions seem to flow freely at times when there is limited time to invest in them. I need to challenge myself to re-seek those ideas, create new ones, and ultimately produce. Below is my list in progress, as always, in especially abstract terms.

  • Explore (here and there)
  • Write (a book perhaps, or blog)
  • Make [build] something
  • Engage (community)
  • Impact [positively]

Colored Pencils

Color Pencils

Today I found a small box of assorted colored pencils that I retrieve from my grandparent’s house in Sioux Falls years ago when my grandfather was no longer able to live on his own. I remember taking an array of random trinkets that seemed old and cool to me, but really did not provide much usefulness once I took them home. They sat in my closet, on my shelf, in my drawer for years, occasionally getting shoved around when I had an impulse to [re]organize.

Anyway these colored pencils, concealed in a rigid white box made of cardstock, were one of the few things I decided to bring with me to college this last year. Over five previous years of moving in and moving out, I began to realize the majority of stuff I brought, I would never actually use or even think about. Finally, as a super-duper senior, give me my four year old, vintage MacBook Pro, an ink-based writing utensil in my pocket, and whatever book I was kidding myself to read at the time, and I’d be good to go.

One nice thing about not having a lot of random, especially small objects I don’t use, was it was relatively easy to maintain a neat and orderly living space. Only the dust bunnies building villages over the terribly scuffed hardwood floor under my bed ever created much mess. The onset of dust could qualify as one of my biggest annoyances, at least as far as housekeeping goes. This is one thing I used to hate about having many little objects on display; the collection of dust over every surface and crevice made cleaning arduous and time-consuming.

My desk is a large table, second-handed from my brother who originally got it at a school surplus sale. At rest, my desk should be void of anything except my lamp, cable modem, wireless router, and a clear space for my laptop. Needless to say, this was never really the case. It quickly became cluttered with school papers, important snail mail that I ignored, and the daily pile of must-have, pocket-stuffers like cellphone, keys, iPod, and of course a trusty pen. I used to be a Pilot Precise guy, but switched over to the slightly bolder Sharpie Ultra Fine Point this last semester.

So those colored pencils (I bet you’re wondering if I have a point) – I came upon that box today, sitting on the top shelf of my humble bookcase, while putzing around my room. The box had a variety of brands and colors of pencils, whose previous user must’ve loved to chew on because there were teeth marks all over.

A few of the pencils were striped and had two colors – one at either end. These were Sunset Dual Kolor[s] by Empire U.S.A. Another partial set in the box was of Venus Paradise color pencils. I also had a nearly full spectrum with short stubs, no longer than two inches, of Pedigree Crayon Pencils. According to my exhaustive, five minute research on the internet, the Venus and Pedigree pencils were produced in the early 60s, and the Sunset Dual Kolors go back as far as 1930, but I’m sure these can’t be that old. Still, interesting, kind of. Yes?

As you may have guessed already, the Mac-mote in the cheery, colorful photo above was not originally in the white cardstock box. I actually placed it there to keep the pencils from rolling when I photographed, as the box’s bottom bowed up slightly in its center. But I like the contrast and the sharpness it infuses.

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